Detagged Domains

A domain name becomes "detagged" when it is no longer hosted on two valid name servers. Having detagged status stops any services associated with the domain name from working, such as email or a website, this is one way of telling whether your domain name has been detagged. You can also do a Whois lookup on your domain name to check its tag status.

Only a TAG holder, such as a hosting company or internet service provider (ISP) can detag a domain name. They may do this if they no longer provide services to the domain name registrant. Many domain names get detagged at some point close to renewal because the relevant TAG holder hasn't been able to find out from the domain name owner whether they wish to renew the registration. However, domain names can be detagged at any time after registration.

If cancelled, detagged domain names can be registered by other domain registrants. Nominet contacts domain name owners before cancelling domain names, but once the owner has confirmed that they no longer want the domain, the registration will be suspended after 21 days, and cancelled between six and eight weeks after that. It can then be re-registered by other parties. If you don't wish to wait, you could contact the current owner and ask for a transfer.