The design of an OLTP or a Data Warehouse is critical in all databases. Our expertise in this area ensures the success of all database systems. Every specification we produce includes logical and runtime design structure documents as well as multi level data flow diagrams demonstrating our data strategies in an open forum.

We have detailed experience of just about every major database including SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, Interbase and ADIBAS as well as the smaller databases which include Access, Foxpro, dBase etc. However, our USP in the database arena has always been our ability to integrate any data source with any application in a seamless (and "pain free") process.

Legacy databases can be given a "new look" with state of the art application interfaces and similarly legacy applications can be updated to leverage the power of modern databases. We can also help you gain access to diverse data sources and put them into any format you wish (e.g. exporting an old unknown database into MS Excel)